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Join Over 30,000 Investors Getting Unique, Unfiltered Analysis Of Events Shaping The World

Updated: Apr 28, 2020


CAPITALIST EXPLOITS provide Free Investment Newsletter. Invest alongside Chris MacIntosh and his team as they identify the biggest investment opportunities globally, and how best to execute on them. This is for investors of all experience and sophistication. Capitalist Exploits involves some of the biggest players in the investment industry. The site reviews from TrustPilot show that the user experience with this service is world class. TrustPilot has 50 reviews with an overall rating of excellent as the graphic to the below reveals.

Capitalist Exploits is an investment advice service offered by Chris MacIntosh, an analyst-turned-investor-turned-financial guru, and his team of professional investors. Chris and his team are busy pouring over global markets to find opportunities that offer stellar returns. 

They have positioned Capitalist Exploits as a wake-up call for those investors who have a sense that the old ways of investing are dead, but who don’t have a clear vision for the future of investing.

The idea that drives Capitalist Exploits is the idea of asymmetric trading opportunities.

In short, this is a trade that has changed risk-reward ratio. Ideally, this means any trade with a huge upside and little downside. Markets in turmoil, Chris claims, are said to present many opportunities for huge rewards.

Investment Ideas That Can Change Your Life

Capital exploits provide the highest quality, straight, unfiltered information and investing insights. They have both paid and free service. Their investing insights will take your investment to the next safer level and more profitable.You will also grab good knowledge of money management and how to invest smart.

Capitalist Exploits is a real, registered company with experts behind. Moreover, it is not a Scam or a marketing strategy. It is a legit company with professionals on board.

The team of Capitalist Exploits allows you to follow and copy their investments. In addition, all investment decisions are explained in great detail.

Where and how invest Capitalist Exploits?

Capitalist Exploits offer asymmetric investing ideas, where profit potential is much greater than the loss. Their far sighted trades usually bags 5-10X returns which is clearly seen on the reviews of the happy customers.

Almost all investment ideas suggested by Capitalist Exploits can be considered low risks. They invest in sectors that have low-correlation with S&P 500. Investments target natural resources, dollar, Japan, Greece, shipping, housing and other sectors.

Moreover, they do not pick single stocks, but prefer to invest in the whole sector by buying ETFs. If ETFs are not available, they suggest the basket of the stocks of the sector to invest in. Depending on your subscription type, you get investment ideas and trade alerts in different sectors.

To subscribe to their free Newsletter service click below.

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