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Trust me, the journey was tough, very tough. But I never believed in Plan B or Backup plan in life so I was determined to crack the 'Secrets of the Market' one day.  I was a beginner in the year 2013-14 and back then trading related information available online were very limited. The Trainers and coaches were charging Rs.40000-120000 [USD 700-1500] for 1-3 days training/ workshop where they simply used to teach few candlestick patterns, indicator based strategies, etc.  which was not worth the money at all. And the fees of few trainers were more than my capital. Then I discovered few who were charging thousands for their self developed indicators. 

The heart broken me had no other option and ultimately took the path of self learning. As a beginner, I was looking for the perfect strategy. Didn't realize back then that there is no perfect strategy. Which I later on I understood after hundreds of bad trades. I used to sit in front of the laptop for 15-16 hours and trying to develop the best combo of the indicators to bring consistency in my trading. It was a Hit & Trial method where my 1-2 bad trades used to wipe the profit of my 5- good trades. Gradually my capital vanished and I committed sins like taking up loans, swiping credit cards to manage capital for my trading. Because inside my mind, I just needed one chance to turn around things and ultimately I ended up being penniless, broke with thousands of dollars debt in name. After hitting the rock bottom, I realized that a strategy can't make us a consistent profitable trader if we don't follow proper risk management, understand the market psychology. And without discipline it's not possible to survive in the market, I was my own example. Discipline is the key.

I took a break for few months and managed Rs.3000 [Around $40). And literally it was my last hope. So this time instead of focusing in strategy, I focused on Discipline, emotional control and most importantly Price Based Trading that doesn't change with timeframes [which I later discovered to be Price Action] And I made a promise to myself around 9 years ago that if I learn trading one day, I would spread the knowledge. Because there are thousands of traders in the whole world, who truly wants to learn but not access to knowledge, no one to guide them in their journey. As a result, after understanding the true essence of the market and achieving grand success in the field of trading it was time for me to keep my promise. I started this mission for those who really want to take up trading as a source of income, lost all hopes in the market and nowhere to go.  So trust me, those who have no one in this journey, they have Abhilash :)

If you are reading this, then I believe you have seen my analysis and found my work useful. It took time to recover things. You get in life what you have the courage to ask for. Those who follow me on social media I believe you know that now I am happily settled in Kolkata with my wife and mother. I don't like to brag but the most unique feature of my analysis is that you will find my way of explanation a little bit different but extra ordinary because I have learnt from the best teacher, i.e. The Market, because Market is the best teacher.

Learn + Trade + Earn

The 3 Main Pillars of the Pro Trader Program

Colorful Lights


Market Analysis

Market Updates

Trade Setups


The Workshop


Our Trading Community & Signals

10 Reasons To Join the
Pro Trader Program


Regular market analysis, Market updates & News


Jackpot Trade Setups for Day, Swing & Positional Trading to earn Big


Weekly Learning Sessions for Beginner & Advanced learners


3 Days Monthly Workshop with support for 1 month


Live Trading Sessions so that you can learn to hunt positions in the live market


Separate Telegram group to interact with other members  


To boost the learning & earning, we have a separate Live Signal group


Weekly Doubt Clearance session for the beginners


Free Technical Analysis course for beginners with 90+ learning videos & 10+ trading strategies


Support to clear challenges of Prop Firms & get funding of $10K-$200k

How The Pro Trader Program
The Workshop Will Transform Your Life

[English & Hindi]

Pro Trader Program was started with the vision of providing trading opportunities to the members, so that members are aware of the upcoming best trade setups and opportunities in the market. In the course of time and after interacting with thousands of traders around the world I realized the main problems faced by a trader and as a result started conducting wokshops. Because the main goal of the Pro Trader Program is to make you an independent trader. If you are looking for signals only, then this is not the right place because I am here to teach, so that you can generate your own signals. Those who are looking for a career in the field of trading, looking for a full time earning from the market or a stable source of income from the forex market.

The Forex Hero Masterclass, the 3 days workshop has been designed for those who have been struggling with the market for months and years, unable to earn from the market, no ray of light visible or lost everything because of the market. The eye opening 3 days workshop will tackle the most basic and the most important concepts of the market through an unique way so that you can understand the bigger picture and walk on the real of Trading. To guide you in a proper way, 1 month Free support is also given to everyone where you are given free access to the Pro trader Group and you receive all the benefits of the Pro trader Program.


P.S. I tried teaching for free few years ago. But that was one of the worst mistake of my life because I realized that free stuff doesn't get the respect it deserve and our brain also doesn't take seriously the free knowledge. That's why, I teach at a 95% discounted rate. Anyway, see you in Class !!! 


Priya Gadiya, San Antonio, TX

This is an amazing! Everything is explained in such great detail and it's really easy to understand the information. KUDOS to the instructor for managing to simplify all of this information! Always available for people like us

Forex Hero Masterclass 

3 Days Workshop

2 hours Everyday

Day 1: The Base

The insider secret of the Basic concepts that I learnt in my 9+ years Trading career. Basic concepts from a different angle with a different salsa 

Chapter 1: Trend Analysis, Timeframe & Discover yourself

a. Trend Analysis

b. Why Trend is our best friend?

c. Which Timeframe is the best and the confusion regarding different timeframes

d. Discover your trading style

Chapter 2: Candlestick Analysis

a. How to use use candlestick patterns like a Pro

b. Important Candlestick patterns we need

Chapter 3: How to Identify critical levels in the markets

a. How the market functions

b. The ultimate guide to Support & Resistance 

c. The secret Fibonacci Retracement Hack [My secret of the pin point accuracy on charts]



Day 2: The Secret Sauce

My 7 Rules to follow for consistent profit

a. How to Take Entry and Exit from the market

b. Trading setup that you require and work in any market of the world

c. How to take Position like a Professional Trader

d. 2 Best Trading Strategies for consistent profit

Day 3: Market Psychology & Emotional Discipline

The key to successful trading is emotional discipline. "If you cannot control your emotions, you cannot control your money"

a. How to understand the Market Emotion

b. Trading Discipline for consistent profit

c. Forex Tools to ease your Trading journey

"'Learning is not a destination. It's a continuous process"

In our weekly classes, you will learn about topics like False Breakout, Multi Timeframe Analysis, Liquidity Grab, Break of Structure, Change of Character, Order Blocks, Chart patterns, Various Strategies and many more.

Pricing: $15 only [Rs.1000 only]


Next Workshop Date: 16, 17, 18 March'23

English Classes: Thursday, Friday & Saturday [Duration 2hrs] 
Time: 7PM IST/ 8:30AM EST/ 1:30PM GMT

Hindi Classes: Thursday, Friday & Saturday [Duration 2 hrs]
Time: 3:30PM IST / 10AM GMT

Classes are conducted via Google Meet. You will receive the Google Meet link 5mins before the Class on your WhatsApp number. Limited seats available. 

Once you are done, WhatsApp the payment screenshot to +919703454792

or email to

You can also drop a message on the website. 

You will be contacted immediately and you will be added to our Group.



Pay via UPI 

Scan The QR Code to pay via Google Pay, Phonepe, Paytm



UPI ID: abhilash.hazarika@paytm

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Bank Transfer:

Abhilash Hazarika

Federal Bank

Account No: 77770101362115



Skrill ID: 150622742


If you need an invoice to pay via Credit Card/ Debit card, please drop an email with your name and WhatsApp number to


Annual Membership is available at $125 Only
PayPal Link for Annual membership:

Please send the payment screenshot to +919703454792 

or email at after subscribing to the service. So that we can add you to the group  immediately

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