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About Me

My passion for stock market brought me to this field. After quitting job for stock market, happily trading for more than  9 years and trying to teach the world of art of making money fast.

After trading for more than 9 years without any guidance and help I have succeeded to stay among the 5% who makes money because 95% lose money in stock market. I am here so that you don't need to suffer the pain and loss that I had to go through during my initial days. It doesn't matter whether you are interested in stocks, bitcoin, forex or commodity. Because knowledge of charts and markets has no boundaries. Once you master the art, you can trade anywhere. I teach Forex Trading, Swing Trading, F&O trading, Swing Trading, Commodity trading and will bring every wild thing on the charts and will make you believe.... YES! Nothing is Impossible.

Let's make money together. Cheers!!!!


Open Forex Account

Open an FX account through our referral and receive a Free Full Technical Analysis course, Strategies and Free access to the Pro Trader Program.


Aussie Market Analysis

Regular recommendation of ASX stocks to buy and sell for short term and long term based on charts. Good for both day and long term Aussie stock traders.


Canadian Stock to Buy

Want to become a day trader/ investor but not sure which TSX stocks to buy and sell today? Watch my stock picks and analysis on the best Canadian stocks to buy.

Learn To Become A Better Investor (5)-mi

Full Course for Beginners

More than 100 video lessons.

17 Hours+ Course duration.

Free Trading Strategies.

World's Most Affordable Technical Course

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NASDAQ Analysis

NASDAQ Stocks to Buy and Sell that are good position for both short term and long term. I don't stay in USA, but charts don't lie. Find out the best US stocks to buy right now. 

Workshop in Progress


Tired of losing money on Forex?  Learn to trade and master the discipline to become a consistent profitable trader by signing up for the 'World's Most Affordable Workshop' 


Daily Forex Analysis

Check my free daily forex market live analysis. I spot the money zones for you. Feel free to to find out where the major fx pairs are heading today.


UK Stocks To Buy

Before jumping into the trade blindly, check out my picks from the London Stock Exchange. I try to pick the best UK stocks to trade based on my 9 years experience with charts.


$1 Store

Best Daily Stock trading strategy, Best forex trading strategy, Bitcoin strategies, etc. Everything priced at $1, so that everyone can afford.

Daily Forex Analysis On YouTube