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My passion for stock market brought me to this field. After quitting job for stock market, happily trading for more than 10 years and trying to teach the world of art of making money fast.

I hail from Assam and I graduated from Scottish Church College, Kolkata and did Master's in South & South East Asian Studies from Calcutta University. Tried my hands on a job [IT] but my allergy of following orders of my manager and leaves not getting approval when I wanted forced me to quit job and I jumped into Stock Trading without having any knowledge. I though watching business news, reading newspapers and listening to experts on the TV would be enough.

Trading is tough, really tough. And my journey was full of ups and downs too. After quitting my first and last job I had no other option but to crack the code of Trading and that too with a limited capital. I was a beginner in the year 2013-14 and back then trading related information available online were very limited. The Trainers and coaches were charging Rs.40000-120000 [USD 700-1500] for 1-3 days training/ workshop where they just taught few candlestick patterns, indicator-based strategies, etc.  which was not worth the money at all. And the fees of few trainers were more than my capital. Trading was mostly indicator based. Having 5-6 indicators were very common.

The heartbroken me had no other option and ultimately took the path of self-learning. As a beginner, I was looking for the perfect strategy. Didn't realize back then that there is no perfect strategy. A strategy becomes perfect when you practice it thousand times. Which I later on I understood after hundreds of bad trades. I used to sit in front of the laptop for 15-16 hours and trying to develop the best combo of the indicators to bring consistency in my trading. It was a Hit & Trial method where my 1-2 bad trades used to wipe the profit of my 5-6 good trades.

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Time slowly changed. Indicator based trading was replaced by Price action trading and internet was flooded with thousands of price action videos. I started making money but I couldn't find the consistency that I was looking for. Gradually my capital vanished and I committed sins like taking up loans, swiping credit cards to manage capital for my trading. Because inside my mind, I just needed one chance to turn around things. I was the only trader in my family, clan and neighbourhood. There was no guidance and I was in the dark and ultimately, I ended up being penniless, broke with thousands of dollars debt in name. After hitting the rock bottom, I realized that a strategy can't make us a consistent profitable trader. I tried every indicator on the trading platform, all the timeframes, various chart types. But the only thing that I did not follow or found boring was Risk Management & Discipline. And after losing everything, one thing was clear without risk management and discipline it's not possible to survive in the market. I was my own example.


​I took a break from the market for few months and returned again with Rs.3000 [Around $40] And literally it was my last hope. But this time I didn't look for any new strategy. Rather I made a list of points needed to follow [Named it The Last Discipline] and took out print outs and pasted on the wall. Made a laptop and mobile wallpaper of those points so that I wouldn't deviate from discipline and trust me it was the crazy yet the best decision of my life. I was good with technicals but the addition of risk management, discipline and understanding of the market behaviour changed everything. Time changed gradually and I found the consistency which was a dream for me. And I made a promise myself to spread the knowledge so that lakhs of budding traders can learn who do not have access to knowledge or cannot afford the costly online courses. I taught 2000-3000 people for free but it was a bad decision. I got the very important lesson of life 'free things do not get the respect'. Then I started teaching for $1 but it turned out to be a bad decision again. But still I managed to find a sweet spot and happily conduct "World's Most Affordable Workshop’ where I take 3 days workshop with 1 month support for those who are serious about trading but lost all hopes and nowhere to go. So, trust me, those who have no one in this journey, they have Abhilash :)

If you are reading this, then I believe you have seen my analysis and found my work useful. It took time to recover things. You get in life what you have the courage to ask for. Those who follow me on social media I believe you know that now I am happily settled in Kolkata with my wife and mother. My whole world revolves around my family. I strongly believe family is the next big strength for any person after willpower. If you have liked my work then the reason is I learnt from a very strict teacher i.e. The Market, because Market is the best teacher.

Though I love to spend time with my family, partying once a month is like oxygen for me.  After quitting cigarettes, coffee is my new love. Also, a part time cook and a full time entertainer for my family.

Would love to chat at itsme@abhilashhazarika.com

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