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Sphere on Spiral Stairs
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Sphere on Spiral Stairs

After graduating from Scottish Church College, Kolkata did Master's in South & South East Asian Studies from Calcutta University. Tried my hands on a job but my intense love for stock market and financial freedom since childhood made me jump into this field without having any knowledge.

I started trading journey in the year 2014 with high hopes with Rs.35000 [$500] and bought two stocks. But when my realized profit was only Rs.210 [$3] after 2 months my dreams of becoming a millionaire got shattered. Then I discovered the world of Day Trading [Intraday] where brokers provide margin. But technical analysis was not popular back then so google charts were only help. Learning was not easy at all. very few websites and YouTube videos were available.  After 6 months, I came to know about the existence of Candlestick charts but they weren't easily available too. After few weeks of hunt, I found Yahoo Finance. But the charts weren't live so I had to refresh the charts after every 5 mins. 

Then I saw terms on the chart like 5MA, 10MA, 20MA, RSI, MACD, etc. When I clicked on them I saw a line on the chart moving with the candles. When I googled 'line on the candlestick chart' I came to know that they are called as moving average and they are called as Indicators and I was introduced to the world of Indicators. It was an eureka moment for me. My road was full of ups and downs. I wasn't aware of concepts like SL, Risk Management, existence of taking short positions [I used to take buy positions in falling market]. I was a regular caller at the customer care of the stock broker and out of pity they used to answer some my questions. Workshops were available too but I couldn't afford it. Because the good 2-3 days workshop used to cost more than $800-1500 dollars. So I was all alone.

Lost thousands of times and blew my account 70-80 times [small small amounts] during the learning journey. I have used almost every indicator on Tradingview I guess and after all the hit and trial methods, few bucket of tears, at last I learned the art of trading within 3 years. 


It took three years for me to discover the technical aspects of the market and understand my mistake on trading. And during the journey I discovered the Real Stock Trading, the technical analysis, the market psychology and so on. I have a backdrop story for every concept of the market and how I learnt it. It was a hilarious ride too. Therefore, my knowledge on the market is not based on textbooks or any other books. Its completely based on my roller coaster experience which at last bought a position for me among the 5% Traders who consistently make profits. And therefore, I love to share my experience in the form of videos on YouTube or course so that you can also sit at home in your boxers and earn money too. 


Though I hail from Assam, currently settled in Kolkata, India. My mom stay with me [Yes! In India our elderly parents stay with us] I love to read and write. My whole world revolves around my family. I strongly believe family is the next big strength for any person after willpower.


Though I love to spend time with my family, partying once a month is like oxygen for me. Also a part time cook and entertainer for his family 

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Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Trader|Market Analyst

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