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Forex Heatmap

The Forex Heat Map is a real time map of the major currencies in the forex market. Forex Heatmap is one of the best tool used for spotting strength and weakness in individual currencies. It also verifies and validates any trade entry across 28 currency pairs and 8 currencies. The forex heatmap also points traders to trading opportunities in the same parallel/inverse group of pairs that you may have not considered during the trade planning process.  As a forex trader this is of great value because you can avoid fake outs, price spikes, etc. The heatmap also helps to identify the risk of entry on each and every potential trade.

Pro Trader Program

Pro Trader Program was started with the vision of providing trading opportunities to the members, so that members are aware of the upcoming best trade setups and opportunities in the market. But members were still missing the opportunities and facing problems with the Entry & Exits. As a result, the need for providing signals came into the scene with proper Entry price, SL & TP. But education has always been the core of Pro Trader Program and it will remain. 

The main goal of the Pro Trader Program is to make you independent, that's why apart from providing signals, learning is the main focus along with I share every tips & tricks that I have learned during my 9 years journey in trading. So that after few months you can touch the sky on your own by taking Forex Trading as a serious source of income. If you don't have capital, you will receive the guidance to clear the tests of Prop Firms too so that you can trade on account size of $10,000 & above.  The sole aim of Pro Trader Program is to make you confident and self sufficient trader. 


Forex Market Beginner

Interested in currency market but no clue when to buy and when to sell. Learn the perfect Buy & Sell positions of any currency pair.

Stock Market Beginner

You are a beginner and want to know how to trade in Stocks to earn money.

Job Frustration

We all want financial independence. To achieve the life we want, trading can be the perfect stepping stone.



Take trading as a full time career or planning to become an Investment expert. This will serve the purpose.

Financial Safety

Beat down any economic crisis and recession by becoming a trader. Because there is no lockdown in stock  and forex market.

Full Technical Analysis Course 

The cheapest Technical Analysis Course available on the internet but the in depth knowledge of the course in unbeatable. The course was made to help the needy who are looking for another source of income during the covid19 lockdown when millions lost their employment. 


The course also aims at spreading knowledge so that you get the right path towards the real trading journey.  The course is very affordable [$5 only]. I could have given the course for free, but I have kept a fee. Because our brain mostly respect those things where we have spend money. So if you are interested and a beginner, click on the button below to check out the curriculum.

We all have our problems. So, if you are not in a position to spend anything but still wish to learn, then I have a Mini course for you on my YouTube Channel. Good Luck!




An effort my side to bring a revolution in the world of trading by conducting the most affordable workshops where I show you the actual path of becoming a full time trader. I share all the important lessons that I have learnt during my 9  9 years journey. Workshop fee is less than your Stop Loss. 

Position Size Calculator

Forex Volatility Calculator

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